that Delivers for Douglas County

Tim Freeman—A Record of Leadership

Forest Management & Natural Resources

  • Continues to keep the federal government in check and accountable to properly manage forests
  • Demanding the BLM & Forest Service remove the dead timber and restore our forest after devastating wildfires
  • Leading the Association of O&C Counties as president for six terms

Investing in Public Safety

  • Maintained 24/7 Sheriff patrols during crime spikes and economic uncertainty
  • Secured funding to keep the District Attorney’s Office fully staffed
  • Coordinating multi-agency efforts to slash illegal drug cartel growing operations

Committed to Veterans

  • Heavily invested in the Veterans Service Office to better assists veterans
  • Regularly attends the Douglas County Veterans Advisory Committee meetings and is an active member of the Douglas County Veterans Forum

Fighting Government Mandates

  • Opposed ALL State and Federal Covid-19 mandates, fought for local control
  • Advocated on behalf of small businesses to remove the government-imposed barriers


for Our Community